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Spiraldynamik® is a concept of movement and therapy based on the study of anatomy and evolution which led to recognising a coordinated use of the human body; natural movement from head to toe.
The repertoire of basic motion patterns, such as running, walking, throwing or gripping, actually consists of three-dimensional sequences of movements that have been genetically transmitted and may thus be seen as being determined. While performing these sequences single parts of the human body screw and unscrew in an intelligent way. Derived from this natural construction principle of screwing, an instruction manual for the whole human body can be formulated. This allows healthy movement to become comprehensible and thus learnable.


Spiraldynamik® may be applied to almost all problems concerning the human system of motion - pain, tension and degenerative states. The root causes of pain and inappropriate loads will be precisely analysed to then be modified, corrected, taught and practised. Spiraldynamik® therapy enables you to optimise the way you hold and move your body which is particularly useful for physically active people. The earlier you use it, the more it works preventively; the later, the more therapeutic.

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